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EASTXL By Far East Movement x X-Large x Usugrow

Official EASTXL Press release:





Electro hip-hop innovators Far East Movement announce EASTXL brand clothing, a

collaboration with Japan’s X-Large to bring their Korea town inspired street wear to

the iconic OG gorilla’s fashion line.  Far East Movement recruited artist USUGROW to

help blend the LA street culture with eastern style calligraphy.

EASTXL will be premiering December 20, 2014 at the main X-Large Tokyo store and

will also be available online in both Japan and the U.S.

"X-large had always repped LA culture, and the bridge with the Beastie Boys and

Tokyo made it a movement we wanted to be a part of,” explains Kev Nish of Far East

Movement. “We brought in artist USUGROW whose work perfectly portrays our

vision as the identify of the movement between LA and East."


Far East Movement (Cherrytree Records/Interscope) - This group, also known as

FM, blends elements of hip-hop, pop, electro, and dance to create an original sound.

FM who wear stylish shades, fresh kicks and designer threads, took the Los Angeles

club scene global with headlining world tours, national television performances,

song placements in television and film and a number 1 song (Girls On The Dance

Floor) on Los Angeles radio before they even released their debut album. The red

hot pop sensation's debut album 'Free Wired' included multi-platinum explosive

smash hits 'Like A G6' and 'Rocketeer.’ Their second studio album ‘Dirty Bass’ was

lead off with chart topping single “Live My Life” featuring Justin Beiber and

international hit “Turn Up The Love” featuring Cover Drive.

Recently, Far East Movement released their ‘Ktown Riot EP’ and accompanying mini

documentary series along with presenting the sold-out Spam N Eggs Music Festival.

The inspiration for the projects came from their Los Angeles hometown to pay

homage to the K-town community and culture. FM were inspired to re-discover and

re-define the modern LA experience. The aesthetic fuses soul-coughing bass,

chrome-plated trap beats, laid back rider music, and effervescent pop melodies. You

can hear these ideas percolate within the explosive songs. “Bang it to the Curb” with

Sydney Sampson goes from Amsterdam to Olympic and Vermont in a matter of three

minutes flat. Trap-infused song, “Grimey Thirsty,” produced by Central-American

EDM powerhouse Rell the Soundbender featuring chart-topping rapper YG brings

Compton to KTown. And current single “Level (Palm Trees),” is a West Coast

influenced psychedelic hip-hop anthem.   ‘Ktown Riot EP’ is available on iTunes now.


Back in the day… 1991 Eli Bonerz and Adam Silverman opened the X-LARGE Store

in Los Angeles. Vermont street to be exact, a spot not too far away from the center of

Hollywood. The X-LARGE store was a place that absorbed the scene around them,

mix of skateboarding, rave, hiphop, jazz funk, club scene, trends vintage and new, in

a time while rock/hiphop crossover bands put a spotlight on L.A. And we can’t talk

about the early days without Mike Diamond of the Beastie Boys. Mike D. was a huge

influence on the unique concept that became X-LARGE.

The X-LARGE store had it all, from Ben Davis to Carhartt, to vintage Adidas and

Puma sneakers, along with their own original line of clothing. Work wear clothing

and vintage sneaks weren’t items you’d find in one store. “Ben Davis and sneakers…

those were the two main elements that didn’t really necessarily fit together. You

have to buy your sneakers at swap meets, your Ben Davis at the surplus store.” – Eli

Bonerz.  They marketed this combo as their unique fashion style as opposed just

every day wear. And before you knew it, X-LARGE became a ‘look’, the beginnings of

Street wear in L.A. Street wear was/is that ‘look’, music, fashion, friends... a part of the ‘scene’.


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our new KTOWN RIOT EP is out now world wide on itunes, spotify n more. we brought the sound back home for this ep and wanted to show love to the city where it all started.

Ktown Riot Tracklist:

1. Far East Movement ft. Riff Raff - The Illest
2. Far East Movement & Sidney Samson - Bang It To The Curb
3. Far East Movement & Rell The Soundbender - Grimey Thirsty (ft. YG)
4. Far East Movement ft. La Reda & Sha Sha Jones - Level (Palm Trees)
5. Far East Movement - Melody (ft. Play-N-Skillz & Fingazz)
6. Far East Movement - Up To No Good (ft. Adrian Delgado)

 Itunes link:




Excited to announce “the illest” ktown riot edit music vid is now up. For this next album we felt it was important to rep the city and community that played a big part in our career n lives. It’s where we all met n grew. The LA Riots were a big part in ktowns growth and rebuild and now seein the diversity in ktown and how things have grown was important for us to show in the vid cuz it’s parallel to Far East movement. our new album is called ktown riot and this 2nd vid for the illest is a welcome for anyone to see a beautiful and historic city #ktown #LA thank u to Scrappy Hyung, Sonny Hyung, David Ryu for the classic riot footage and the community and shouts to all the cameos that came thru to represent!!

Directed by: Denkym of Transparent Agency